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scent machine

Model NO.:KL-999
Fit for 1000 ml Product size:160*160*60 mm
Voltage: 220 V
Power: 30 W
Noise: 25 dB
Oil consumption: 2 ml/H
Weight: 7 kg Coverage:1800m³ 
Color:Golden,Black,Silver,Blue or customized

  Can Design your own or create design for you
1. OEM and ODM accepted.
2. High quality,reasonable price.
3. CE certification.
4. Ultra-quiet, long life.
5. 3 groups working times,you can set fragrance strength for each group respectively.
6. Refillable fragrance oil bottle.
7. Ultra-quiet,Environment protecting.
8.Simple operation and easy maintenance.
9.Metal shell, high class,strong and durable.
10.Great Stainless steel nozzle,no blocking,no leakage,no need maintenance in 2 years.
11.Great pump,20000 hours lifespan,  high efficent diffusion.
12.Intelligent microcomputer control, internally installed protection device.

Product characteristic:
No heat,No water,No ultrasonic
Scope of application:
applicable to Hotel lobby, Car shop, Shopping mall, Hospital Entertainment,Weeding photography,Jewelry clothing,Station airport, Furniture, Household,Hall Pavilion, Bank, Luxury villa,Tourist attractions,Sauna bath,Bar tea house,KTV Meeting room, Brand store, Business Hall,Corridor and so on .....
1. User-friendly design, easy to install and control scent concentration
2. Perfect and high quality performance,
3. Stable and high precision micro-controller,Simple operation and easy maintenance
4. Extraordinary and comprehensive function,Friendly and easy maintenance and operation
5. Cold-air diffusion technology,Being silent when it works
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